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Cócteles para empezar

Naranjillazo  11

From Cuenca in the Ecuadorian Andes, cinnamon-scented naranjilla juice (a
deliciously aromatic fruit from the Ecuadorian Amazon) and Zhumir, the
country’s smooth aguardiente. Tall cold drink or hot toddy

 Classic Peruvian cocktails made with Pisco
Pisco Sour  10
Cóctel de Algarrobina  10
Creamy Pisco and carob cocktail—the Peruvian Brandy Alexander

Capitán  10
Pisco and sweet red vermouth 

Chilcano  10
Pisco, lime juice, ginger ale, angostura 

    Cucharamama Choco-Rum  11
Venezuelan aged rum flavored with Ecuadorian Pacari Raw chocolate,
on the rocks with a twist of fresh orange and cacao nibs

“El Viejo” Ti Punch –Aged rum on the rocks with a twist of lime and a touch of
vanilla-scented syrup

Aged Haitian Barbancourt  10

25-Year Old Zacapa  11               

Mojito  11
Bacardi white rum, sugar, lime juice, and fresh mint  

La Florida” Gin Mojito  11     
A twist on the mojito from Havana’s famous bar

Daiquirí  10
Bacardi white,  sugar, and lime juice, on the rocks or frozen

Daiquirí  Mambí Clásico  11
Bacardi Gold, lime juice, brown sugar, angostura bitters,
on the rocks

DaiquirMambí con Guarapo  11
Bacardi Gold,  lime juice, brown loaf sugar, fresh sugar cane juice on the rocks

Guarapita de Aragua  11
Venezuelan rum (Santa Teresa Ron Antiguo de Solera) and passion fruit

 Chicapa  11
Fermented pineapple chicha and Zacapa rum

 Caipirinha  10
Cachaça and lime juice on the rocks

 Batidas (mango, maracuja,  guanábana, cupuaçu,  açai)  10
Brazilian tropical fruit milk shake spiked with cachaça or rum

 Mamapolitan  10
Vodka and Flor de Jamaica  Cosmopolitan

Mamarita  10
 Cucharamama’s frozen Margarita

 Horchata “El Venado”  11
Horchata (an almond drink laced with cinnamon) and Guatemalan aguardiente “El Venado”

Vinos por copa/ Wines by the glass

Sherry  Jerez  6
Alvear Amontillado   Montilla-Moriles, Spain  

Blancos  Whites

Alvariño Conde de Alabarei   Rias Baixas, Galicia  10           

Sauvignon Blanc
St. Ema ’09   Maipo Valley, Chile   9

St. Ema ’09  Mendoza, Argentina  9
Luca ‘07   Mendoza, Argentina  12     

& Sparkling Wines

Alma Negra Rose de Malbec  12  

 Rosados  Rosé
Susana Balbo Críos Rosé de Malbec ‘09  Mendoza, Argentina  10 

 Tintos   Reds

Alamos ‘09    Mendoza, Argentina  9     
La Posta ‘08   Mendoza, Argentina  11  

 St. Ema ‘08  Colchagua, Chile  10

Nieto ‘09   Mendoza, Argentina  10    

 Pinot Noir
Nieto ‘09   Mendoza, Argentina  10      

Señorío de Balboa ‘08  Castilla y León, Spain  10  
                Martínez la Cuesta Crianza  ‘06  Rioja, Spain  11                

St. Ema Reserva ‘09 Rapel Valley, Chile  10   

Cabernet Sauvignon
Susana Balbo Críos ‘09   Mendoza, Argentina  10    
Catena ‘07   Mendoza, Argentina  12


 Fritada Cuencana con Mote  11
From Cuenca, Ecuador, Braised Meaty Pork Ribs with Hominy

Chispas de Plátano   8
Crunchy Green Plantain “Sparks” with Cilantro Sauce

Cositas Crujientes del Ecuador   7
Ecuadorian Crunchies: Green Plantain Chips (Chifles),
Toasted Andean Corn, Spicy Ají  (Salsa)

Pulpo al Olivo  14
Octopus in a Peruvian Black Olive and Panca Pepper Sauce

Croquetas de Pollo, Salsa de Ají Panca  8  
Chicken Croquettes, Panca Pepper Sauce

Croquetas de Arroz y Queso, Salsa de Ají Mirasol   8
Rice and Cheese Croquettes, Mirasol Pepper Sauce

Chicharrón de Pollo Novoandino  9  
Peruvian-Style Crunchy Quinoa-Crusted Chicken Fingers, Chino-Latino Sauce

Choritos (Mejillones) en Salsa “Cuzqueña”  12
Mussels in a Spicy Sauce of Panca Peppers, Garlic, Cilantro, and  Peruvian Dark Beer

Jalea de Calamares con Ají  de Rocoto  12 
Crunchy Peruvian-Style Calamari, Rocoto and Tamarillo Sauce

Chicharrones de Pescado con Salsa Criolla y Crema de Ají Amarillo  12
Crisp Morsels of Marinated Fish with Peruvian Red Onion Relish and Andean Yellow Pepper

Bolinhos de Bacalao  10 
Brazilian Salt Cod and Potato Fritters, Aioli Sauce

Sopitas Piqueo
Tasting Portions of Some of our Soups with a Savory Side

Crema de Frijoles Blancos y Tomate  9
Fragrant White Bean and Tomato Cream Soup with Cabrales
Cheese and Onion Empanaditas Fresh from Our Wood-Burning Oven

Sango de Choclo y Camarones con Ají de Choclo  9 
Ecuadorian-Style Creamy Corn, Plantain, and Shrimp
Soup with Plantain Empanadas

Del Horno   Wood Burning Oven

Plátano Asado Manabita con Queso,  Suero y Salprieta  10
From Ecuador’s Manabí Province, Roasted Ripe Plantain with Fresh Cheese,  Curd, and
Cracked Peanut Seasoning Mix from Bahía de Caráquez

Arepas de Choclo (cachapa)  11
    Fresh Corn Cakes Served with Salmon Roe and Venezuelan Crème Fraîche (Nata).

 Llapingachos de Yuca con Uchu-Puka  9
Yuca and Cheese Griddle Cakes with a Spicy Sauce from the Ecuadorian Amazon

Chorizo Argentino con Pimientos y Cebolla  10 
Argentinean Sausage with Roasted Peppers
and Onions, Argentinean Red Chimichurri

Camarones Tatacuá, Salsa de Ají Panca  12
Shrimp in Panca Pepper Sauce

Pimientos de Piquillo Rellenos de Calabaza y Queso Manchego  12
Piquillo Peppers from Navarre Filled with Caribbean
Pumpkin and Manchego Cheese

Empanadas de Horno

Empanadas de Carne  9  
Beef Empanadas, Chimichurri Sauce

Empanadas de Cebolla y Queso 7
Cocktail Empanadas Filled with Onion Confit and Spanish Cabrales Blue Cheese

Empanadas de Humita 8
Empanadas Filled with Savory Fresh Corn Polenta

Empanadas de Espinaca 9  
Spinach with Bacon-Onion Sofrito, Manchego and Parmigiano

A South American-Italian Heritage with
A Latin Twist

Pizza Serrana 10
Serrano Ham, Manchego, Aged Parmigiano Reggiano,
Red Onion, Andean Ají Amarillo

Pizza de Chorizo  10
Sausage and Sweet and Sour

Pizza de Zapallo  10
Squash and Red Onion Confit with Manchego Cheese

  Pan con Jamón Serrano
Our Crusty Peruvian Alfonso Olive Country Bread with Serrano Ham 15  and Manchego Cheese  18

     Ceviche and Friends

Ceviche de Camarones de Jipijapa  14
Ecuadorian Coastal Ceviche from the Town of Jipijapa,
with Tomato and Citrus Broth, Crushed Peanuts, and Plantain
Chips (Chifles)

Encebollado de Cerdo  con Yuca  14
Roast Pork, Yuca and Red Onions in Achiote-Infused Tropical Ceviche Salsa

Anticuchos  Andean Kebabs

Anticucho de Camarones con Sarza  12 
Peruvian-Style Skewered Marinated Shrimp, Arequipa’s
Andean Corn and Queso Blanco Relish

Tamales, Humitas, Bollos

Humita  de Vinces  9 
Ecuadorian Fresh Corn Tamal from Los Ríos

Humita Chilena  9  
ChileanFresh Corn Tamal,  Venezuelan Ají de Leche (Milk and Cilantro Sauce)

Tamal de Pipián Vallecaucano  10 
From Colombia’s Vallecauca Region–Cracked Corn Tamal Filled with a
Potato and Peanut Hash, Bogota’s Creamy Cheese and Tomato Sauce

Tamal de Maíz Tierno 
Fresh Corn Tamal with a Choice of Two Toppings:
with Seco de Pato  11
Duck Braised Peruvian-Style with Chicha de Jora and Mirasol Pepper
or with Tocino  11
Marinated and Roasted Slab Bacon

Bollos de Hallaca con Pollo  10  
VenezuelanChicken-Filled Tamal with Ají de Leche

Hallaquitas de Chicharrón con Nata  9 
Venezuelan Pork Crackling Tamal with Crème Fraîche

Menestras y Potajes

Bean Soups to Eat as Soup or to Spoon over Rice

Menestra de Frijoles Canarios  6  
Peruvian Canary Bean Stew

Caraotas Negras Venezolanas  6
Black Beans Venezuelan Style (Similar to Cuban black bean soup but with the touch
of sweetness Venezuelans love)

Sopas Calientes   Hot Soups

Crema de Frijoles Blancos y Tomate Sazonada con
Merkén de Chillán y Albahaca  8
White Bean and Tomato Cream Perfumed with Chilean Merkén and Fresh Basil

Sango de Choclo y Camarones con Ají de Choclo  12 
Ecuadorian-Style Creamy Corn, Plantain, and Shrimp
Soup, Corn Salsa

Ensaladas  Salads

Ensalada Verde Mixta  7
Green Mixed Salad

Ensalada de Camarones y Palmito  14
Shrimp and Palmito Salad

Ensalada de Piña y Calabaza  10
Grilled Pineapple and Pumpkin Salad with Pumpkin
Seeds and Cacao Nib Vinaigrette

Acompañantes   Side Dishes

Puré de Camote  5 
Sweet Potato Puree

Yuca Gratinada  8 
Yuca Gratin

Quinua Atamalada  8 
Creamy Quinoa with Potato and Cheese

Quinua con Acelga Salteada  8
Stir-Fried Quinoa and Swiss Chard

Patacones  5 
Golden Fried Green Plantains

Tajadas con Crema  5
Ripe Plantains with Crème Fraîche

Boronía Barranquillera  8 
Ripe Plantain Eggplant Puree from Barranquilla

Papas Chorreadas con Hogo Bogotano  8
Colombian-Style Potatoes with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

Arroces   Rice Dishes

Arroz con Queso Barranquillero  7
olombian Rice with Queso Blanco

Arroz Blanco  4
Brazilian-Style White Rice

From the Wood-Burning Oven

Canelones de Espinaca y Nueces “Río de la Plata”  19
Spinach and Walnut Cannelloni in the Style of the River Plate Region, Creamy Manchego
and Parmigiano-Reggiano White Sauce and Tomato Sauce

Pastel de Choclo Chileno  20
Chilean Beef and Chicken Potpie with a  Fresh Corn Crust.
Spicy Pebre Sauce

Pechuga de Pollo Asado al Horno de Leña en Salsa de Calabaza y
Mango con Boronía  19
Boneless Chicken Breast in Peruvian Adobo Roasted
in our Wood-Burning Oven, Pumpkin and Mango Sauce, Ripe Plantain and Eggplant
Puree from Barranquilla

Salmón con Salsa Romesco y Papas Doradas  25  
Roasted Salmon with a Catalan Sauce of Fire-Roasted Peppers and hazelnuts
and Golden Potatoes

Medio Pollo de Patio al Horno de Leña con Puré de Papas con Pirque  25
Young Organic Free-Range Chicken (By the Half) Roasted in
our Wood-Burning Oven, Garlic Bitter Orange Mojo, Spicy Red Potato Puree

Para La Familia

Lechoncito Tierno Asado (Orden Especial, Precio de Mercado)
Roast Suckling Pig (Special Order, Market Price by the Pound)

We roast whole suckling pigs to order with a five-day notice.

Pierna de Chancho Asada
Whole Leg of Pork Served Family Style with Choice of Sides
(Special Order for Four or More)

Platos Principales  Main Dishes

Encocado de Mariscos  25 
Assorted Seafoodand Fish  in a Spicy Coconut Milk  Sauce Laced with Culantro from
Ecuador’s Esmeraldas Province, White Rice

Picante de Camarones  23
Shimp in a Spicy Peruvian Hot Pepper Sauce with Fresh Cheese, White
Rice, Peruvian Canary Beans

Pata de Chancho al  Estilo de Tacna con Arroz
y Menestra de Frijoles Canarios  20

Peruvian-Style Roast Leg of Pork in Ají Amarillo Adobo, White Rice and
Stewed Canary Beans

Saice  22
Spicy Braised Beef in the Style of Tarija (Bolivia) with Bolivian Relish, White
Rice and Venezuelan Black Beans

Costillas de Res en Salsa de Asado Negro Venezolana con
Papelón y Cacao, Quinoa y Acelga  25
Braised Short Ribs in a Red Wine Sauce and Brown Loaf Sugar and Cacao,
Stir Fried Quinoa and Swiss Chard

Entraña (Churrasco) con Chimichurri Rojo y
Papas Chorreadas con Hogo Bogotano  25

Argentinean-Style Skirt Steak with Chimichurri, Colombian-Style Potatoes
with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

Ojo de Bife con Chancho en Piedra Chileno, Yuca Gratinada y Nabo Salteado  35
Rib-Eye Steak with Chilean Garlicky Tomato Salsa, Yuca Gratin and  Stir-Fried Broccol Raab

Mejillones y Barrigada  21
Pork Belly, Mussels, Potatoes, and Black Olives in a Savory Ají Panca and
Dark Beer Sauce

Pechuga de Pato a la Parrilla con Salsa
        Agridulce de Tomato de Arbol, Quinoa Atamalada,
Puré de Camote  25
Grilled Duck Breast over Aromatic Tamarillo Sauce, Creamy Quinoa, Sweet Potato Puree

Bandejita Paisa  25
A Colombian Highland Classic from Antioquia—Skirt Steak,
Pork Cracklings, Colombian Sausage, Arepa, Rice and Red Beans, Ripe Plantains,
and Colombian Hot Sauce

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